Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So .... I started cutting out my fabric pieces for the new bag today. Pics tomorrow. Got as far as interfacing the outside pieces and I started sewing the pocket so I can sew the bag up tomorrow HOPEFULLY - we'll see how far I get! Church is tomorrow night (Ash Wednesday) and I'd LIKE to bring the bag along .... we'll see what happens.

And, once this bag is done I've found some material at JoAnne's that I'd like to use (some knit cotton stuff) for clothes for me and AND I've decided to also branch out and make doll clothes. I'll be starting with Barbie and then going to Only Hearts Club .... which is like a Skipper doll but a tiny bit shorter I guess .... so will keep you posted on how that goes.

For now, on to resting and bed ....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here is a pic of my brand new snap "machine" that takes more than just 2 snap sizes and the material of choice that my bag will be made of : )

So this is my newest pattern .... not sure when I'll start yet as I need to wash the material first (pic of that later) but I chose a zodiak material for the outside and a pink with small dots for the inside and the bias tape is black, DH thinks it will make it POP! So we'll see how it goes, it will certainly be a VERY organized bag .... makes me wonder then which bag to use for "normal" diaper bags .... hm .... if anyone has any ideas, leave me a message/comment : )

Sunday, January 18, 2009

FINALLY Finished!!

These are DEF not in order - well, maybe they actually ARE in order, GOSH! Anywho, just wanted to share that I FINALLY finished my bag and YES it's 213 AM here!! It took me from 9 or so last night (so figure 4 to 5 hours .... ) to get this done but at LEAST I can show it off at church tomorrow/later today, right?! LOL! Hope you enjoy!

The first pic is of the front view .... then the top, back, and inside : )

Friday, January 16, 2009

So here's as far as I got with the bag .... just gotta sew the lining to the outside and leave room to insert the zipper .... I TRIED to get a better inside pic but had no luck .... enjoy!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

So this is as far as I currently am .... on to the lining where I just have to attach a few pockets and sew it (the lining) together and then sew the lining to the outside and I'm ready to go (after a zipper of course) .... more later, most likely tomorrow .... hope you enjoy!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

So I got this new pattern (got the pic off Google) from my InLaws for Christmas and I was FINALLY able to start working on it .... I'm making # A which is the bottom left view .... I got as far as cutting out the pieces I need to use .... and while looking at the directions I decided that I'm going to modify it a little .... instead of a magnetic snap to close it, there will be a zipper. Possibly 2 outside pockets instead of the only "front" one .... and more pockets on the inside for my pens, calendar, iPod, sunglasses .... stuff like that so I don't have to be digging around in the bag for eveything .... And YES I know I haven't loaded any pics or tutorials just yet - been too busy but I will TRY to do that tomorrow .... along with showing you the progress I'll have made on this bag : ) The material is a brown background with pink roses on the outside and pink stars and "designs/swirls" with glitter on the inside .... though I'm not sure the pockets will be the same material as the inside material .... we'll see what I have because the last time I did that I found it became hard to find my pockets ....

Anywho, that's about what's going on on my sewing stuff .... more HOPEFULLY tomorrow. Take care : )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So I'm not quite sure why they posted like this OR why they're out of order BUT here's the bag I FINALLY finished tonight!! YAY!! I can use it this weekend!! To the bottom left is the outside .... the other side is "plain" and has nothing on it really. The top left to right is the inside showing the zippered pocket and non-zippered pocket and then how it looks from the top closed .... and then a side view of the bottom and side of the bag. It should be rather durable. And while I learned a LOT from this bag and don't really LOVE how it turned out, I WILL be making another some time next year that looks better to me and isn't so .... rushed .... as the last few days before we left for WI about 2 weeks ago I had some sewing machine issues and had to sew the handles and outer edge by hand .... and after sewing that for pretty much 24 hours total {I lost LOTS of sleep, the last two nights I worked on it before tonight I got 6 hours total of sleep - NOT good!} and it was STILL not done PLUS I found a rip that I fixed tonight as well. BUT I was able to figure out the sewing issue with the machine and I re-inforced the outer edge and handles and hadnstitched the rip inside. I DID take a LOT of lessons out of this though, and I am "walking away" with having learned better handstitching to say the least!

But anyways, I just wanted to share that, I'm SO proud of myself! : ) Hope you enjoy! And, as always, if this bag interests you and you either want one made or would like a tutorial just comment on here with your email {I have to approve ALL comments before they're going to show up online so no privacy worries!} and we'll talk : )